Arnaud Francelet | Kontrabass

Cesar Correa | Piano
Raphael Nick | Drums

Mit dem Trio Shayke steht die Welt still und lauscht. Die fliessend - elegante Musik versetzt den Zuhörer in eine Landschaft voller Farben von europäischen und lateinamerikanischen Kultureinflüssen.

Die Kompositionen so wie die Improvisationen von Shayke unterscheiden angenehm vom bisher gehörten dank der drei überaus kreativen und solistisch versierten Musikern deren Konzert einem Kaleidoskop gleich kommt. Man kann leichten Herzens behaupten, dass das Publikum nach einem Konzert vom Trio Shayke mit einem Hochgefühl von Freude den Veranstaltungsort verlässt.


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Arnaud Francelet - Kontrabass

Arnaud Francelet was born in Freiburg/ Switzerland. His love for music began in his early childhood. At the age of nine, Arnaud joined as bassist in the band of his brother for the first time. With his bass instrument he could fully develop his creativity. At age 12, he gained his first experience with studio recordings as a rock band member and in that time created his first own compositions.


After studying at the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles Arnaud Francelet works as a composer (Francelet / Moser, Paraffine, Volver and many more) as an electric bassist and double bassist in various formations (from duo to big band and classical to jazz & electric) and as a music teacher.


He has made several studio productions with international artists  He performs regularly in Switzerland and went on tour to in whole Europe, USA and also in Asia like Japan,China, India and many more. Arnaud participates in various musicals and has had various appearances with renowned musicians such as John di Martino, Juan Munguia, Daniel Woodtli and many more

Cesar Correa - Piano

César Correa is born in Trujillo, north of Peru, on 7 may 1975 and began to play piano at the age of 5 under his father’s direction, who is his first teacher, after pursuing his studies with private teachers and music schools. Between the age of 6 and 16 years, he participates in interschool music contests with his own school and will win the first place every year then. With 13 years, he already exerts plenty of professional musical activities with various local groups.


At the age of 18, César Correa leaves his country to go to Switzerland and will study at  Bern Jazz School, as well as at the National Conservatory of Fribourg.


Soon, he integrates several Jazz formations, being produced through and throughout Europe, his most important collaboration being at the heart of the group The cuban power.


He’s 23 and his uncommon way of play, his inflection, kindness and humbleness leaves no one indifferent.


In 1996, he meets Alfredo de la Fe, the salsa violist, who will introduce him to a more relevant and international career.

His talent allows him to play for more than 2 years with Celia Cruz, the great cuban diva, as well as be noticed by Carlos Santana, who invites him to play on the stage at one of his concerts. Later, Eddy Palmieri will do the same, yielding to him his piano, fascinated by César Correa, whom he consider as his spiritual son.


He will play with the greatest artists of the latin music scene as Giovanni Hidalgo, José Alberto el Canario, Celia Cruz, Jimmy Bosch, and many others.


In 2001, he creates with other two musicians the european salsa orchestra Mercadonegro, Correa being the director, composer and arranger. Their group accompanies other great artist such as: Ismael Miranda, Charly Aponte, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tito Nieves, Cheo Feliciano, Albita Rodríguez, Isaac Delgado, Mayito Rivera, Charly Cardona, Wilson Manyoma, Adalberto Santiago, Willie González, Ray Sepulveda, Frankie Morales, Edy Montañez, Dave Valentín, Richie Ray, Yan Colla Yan, to mention just the most relevant ones. 

Raphael Nick - Drums

Raphael Nick is a Swiss drummer, percussionist, pedagogue and composer who enjoys exploring multiple forms of artistic expressions in order to confront new horizons. His feeling to get the balance of sensitive and solid playing meshes with his overwhelming pleasure of creating music. 

Two lines are guiding his musical path: discovering other cultures and exploring their ways to approach music; a passion of sharing and for the transmission of knowledge.

His curiosity and love for other culture, for exploration, research make him constantly grow and share and brought him to perform on European stages as well as south American and north African. 

He teaches the drum at the Geneva Music Conservatory. 

Raphael is playing Giannini Drums & Bosphorus Cymbales.





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